Local Motion


I was contacted to expand on a previous project for Local Motion as part of  the Safe Streets Collaborative in Burlington, Vermont. The project included 8 graphic stencils in 2 sizes and 6 text stencils. 18″ x 18″ stencils were used on sidewalks to and from intersections to pique interest and get pedestrians and cyclists thinking about what they could mean. 30″ x 30″ stencils were paired with the text at opposite corners of intersections to explain the smaller stencils people have been seeing and to remind those crossing to follow the rules. As part of the project I also created a visual guide that can be viewed as an online book by clicking on the link.

The stencils were painted around the city center on Oct 9, 2012. I was lucky enough to be able to join the crew and get some pictures of the process as well as final products.

Fox News did a segment on the project but since, the video has been removed from the article. The accompanying article entitled “Stencil Campaign” Aims to Curb Burlington Road Behavior can still be viewed on MyChamplainValley.com. In addition, someone wrote a blog post for Off Message (Vermont’s Politics and News blog) on SevenDays entitled OMG! Cautionary Sidewalk Stencils Appear in Downtown Burlington about the project after seeing it on her way to work in the morning.



In June 2013, I reworked the cyclist related stencils to work on signage and a poster for Kohls’ Kids Bike Smart, a summer camp that teaches kids in grades K – 8 how to cycle and to do it safely. An additional graphic was added to the original line up for “walking bikes across crosswalks”.


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