NonClinical Safety Solutions


In December 2015 I worked with Nonclinical Safety Solutions to solidify their brand as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. They provide scientific evaluations and assessments of nonclinical toxicology and safety data for the pharmaceutical industry specializing in the development of nonclinical safety strategies and issue resolution for large and small molecular weight therapeutic candidates across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The client pitched a clear vision of a flask of solutions, based on the shape of an erlenmeyer flask, and a series of boxes or other visual representations of the 5 stages of drug development. We found a unique color palette that stayed true to the expected industry norms while still maintaining enough individuality so it did not get lost.

The design strategies to portray industry knowledge and progress stemmed significantly from font choices.

The logotype stands tall and undecorated, mimicking lines created by the flask. The clean edges of the sans serif creates a subtle, unapologetic tone that evokes expertise and knowledge through a confidently standing visual presence. The subtle rounded corners remain friendly and subconsciously adds a level of trust without becoming childish or playful.

The italic in the tagline upholds the confidence of its partner and creates a balanced rhythm within the logo through a subtle shift in line quality similar to that in the logotype. The italic creates movement which both implies staying current and moving forward within the industry as well as the action of bridging the gap between drug discovery and therapeutic solutions.


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